Nilou’s Photographer/ Filmaker is making his services available here.

Some examples, even though you can see them all over the PlayPen and actually anywhere you find Nilou Achtland on the internet.

for specific questions regarding services:

More to come later but this is a partial list of services:


starting @ $75 for a Regular shoot.

starting @ $150 for a Model Style shoot.

starting @ $250 for a Exotic Style shoot.


starting @ $300 for a Regular movie.

starting @ $600 for a movie with Green screen effects.

Studio Rental

You have a choice of Daylight, Soundstage and green screen studios. Rooms are approximately 24X30ft.

starting @ $1,200 for 10hrs (you film)

starting @ $1,500 for 10hrs (me as shooter)

starting @ $2,000 for a full day (me as shooter)

starting @ $450 for 5 hrs (me as shooter)


starting @ $2,500 (10 hr day)

starting @ $3,000 (full day)

Weekend shoots required a $200 deposit to reserve your time/ date.

The Crew: director/ cameraman/ photographer/ teleprompter operator/ make-up artist/ hair stylist/ fashion designer/ light/ sound.